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re-loved kitchen table
Posted on December 17th, 2015

We LOVE finding unique pieces to make into something so amazing. We found this table at Habitat For Humanity, and questioned whether or not it was worth the work, haha. Once we made the purchase, the work started. 

The original table was bubbled, warped, and ugly. We used a hair dryer + tools to scrap off the old table top. This left it a little rough, so we reached for our handy Bondo, to fill the holes and finish with a smooth texture. After sealing, we made it to the fun part. PAINT! 

The legs of the table + chairs are painted with Freedom Road, and then sealed with topcoat. The table top was painted with Rushmore, and slightly distressed for spots of Freedom Road to pop through, and of course top coat on top! (paints are from American Paint Company)

We re-upholstered the chairs with some fabric we bought on sale, no need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on fabric. You can almost ALWAYS find a nice fabric for a cheap price - cough cough $15 for 3 yards - 

Check out the before + after photos below!

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